Rehabilitation - Use anywhere a secure grip is needed.


For a gripping performance!


No slip paws on dog show or dog agility floors. Non-toxic.


Your grip just got better!


Secure footing on stage.

                 ......Myriad of Uses

Sekur Grip is a unique product that “improves your grip by stopping the slip.”  Any participant in a sport or activity that requires a no-slip contact with equipment, musical instruments, office needs, dog paws, and more, will benefit from the use of Sekur Grip.  It’s tacky quality stops the slip while still allowing the freedom of movement.  Sekur Grip differs from other products that restrict freedom of movement once the product is  applied.

Sekur Grip is made from all natural ingredients and  may be safely applied directly to the hands and on your dog’s paws.  Use  Sekur Grip  on your tools, racquets, gloves, bicycle seats and handle bars and other athletic equipment.  Wherever you want a no slip grip. It can be used in the equestrian discipline on boots, saddle seat  and flaps. It's a must for those who rope, ride cutting horses, or perform in rodeo competitions.

It has also found to be helpful for those who are in wheelchairs and those involved in wheelchair sports.  There are no limits to the uses. 

Sekur Grip is easily applied in it’s 1oz push up container that  fits easily into a sports bag or pocket.  Sekur Grip is applied by rubbing on hands, paws, leather or any object where grip is needed.  The application is the same for pics used with instruments or drumming. The amount used is dependant upon personal preference.  When used with very light colored leather, test it on the underside first.  It may darken natural color items or those with poor dye quality.

Sekur Grip is used successfully world wide.  Try it, you’ll like it.

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No slip tools.

Use anywhere a secure grip is needed!

Rock steady!

Available in three sizes. Including one for your pocket.





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