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"People, often the equestrian’s spouse, began using Sekur-Grip™ for other sports," said Payne. "The needs are the same in all sports", she says, "freedom of movement while improving your traction. So I developed Sekur-Grip™ with the same principles." This is especially important when your hands are sweating, as in a hot game of tennis. Sekur-Grip™ is not absorbed by the skin so it remains "tacky" throughout a set of tennis. How "tacky" depends on the personal preference of the player.

"I recommend that players try it first on the fingers, rubbing the Sekur-Grip™ stick firmly over the area."It’s not sticky, she is quick to point out, so it requires some pressure when applying to the hand. When applying directly to the racket it should be put on lightly then rubbed into the entire handle. "People tend to think more is better, but when applying to the handle the opposite is the case." Its all natural ingredients come in a pocket sized, blue and white, oval-shaped push-up stick that is easy to carry and easy on your budget. Payne says, "Once you’ve tried it you won’t be without it!"

About Sekur-Grip™

Sekur-Grip™ is a unique product that improves your grip. "Any sport calling for better traction can benefit from Sekur-Grip™," says Sidley Payne, the inventor and president of Sekur-Grip™ Inc.

Payne, who grew up in a family of runners, tennis players and mountain climbers, originally developed the product Sekur-Grip™ to satisfy her own needs in the equestrian field. "My first loves were jumping and 3 day eventing (one day of dressage, a second day of cross country jumping and endurance, and the third day of stadium jumping-sort of a triathlon for horses and riders). Leather gets slippery as movement tends to polish the surface of reins, saddles and boots. Slipping can cost you the competition!

Sidley’s 35 years of experience in the equestrian field shows a wide variety of skills. She was alternate for the 1972 Olympic team and a member of the US 1972 World Championship team. She is now training and competing several horses at the international level, as well as judging upper level dressage (equine ballet) competitions. She conducts clinics and trains both horse and rider. She also rehabilitates injured horses by developing individual physical therapy exercises to rejuvenate injured muscles and rebalance any compensation developed because of the injury.

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